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We offer Pictorial Presentations to any society, community, group or family at home. Applicants may wish to invoke an admittance charge to support a local cause.

Presentations available

"Waterloo - 'A close run thing"…
A pictorial presentation about the most talked about battlefield in history… The drama took place in a Belgium meadow in 1815 and all on a Sunday afternoon. The epic tale of Waterloo is probably the most remarkable and fascinating story in military history. It was a struggle between the genius and charisma of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the tactical skill and staying power of the Duke of Wellington. Remarkable for its intensity, the campaign endured four great battles in as many days, the climax of which, dramatic by any standard, saw the demise of France, the thrust of Britain into greater empire and the downfall of the greatest military leader of modern time.
"Touring European Battlefields"…
A talk with pictorial presentation on touring the battlefields of Europe. The intrigue of battlefields and some of the amazing stories and truths they reveal.
"The Commonwealth War Graves Commission"…
A talk with pictorial presentation on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, its history, legacy and the fascination and it generates in over 23.000 war cemeteries.
'The Devil's Paintbrush - The battle of the Somme – A Pictorial Presentation
"Battlefield Guiding Today"…
Touring battlefields successfully today primarily depends on one factor… 'The quality of the Guide'. The profession of battlefield guiding, its art and the potential to entertain are all aspects down to the qualities of the Guide. Whether you are at Austerlitz or Salamanca, the D–Day beaches or Ypres, the requirement is for the tour guide to engage you with the believed historical truth and accordingly with duty of care. Aligning the ground of battle with one's imagination will bring history to life.
'Napoleon's Waterloo' ... A pictorial presentation of the 1815 Waterloo Campaign
'In the footstep of Nosey' - A pictorial presentation of Wellington and the Peninsular War
'When horses were heroes' - The role of the horse in war and conflict
‘Memory Lane with Johnny Cooper’ 
The exploits of the Special Air Service Regiment in World War II are legendary and full of intrigue and fame. Eighteen-year-old Johnny Cooper volunteered for the SAS in 1941 and became one of “The Originals" raised by David Stirling to conduct operations behind enemy lines. Johnny took part in various raids in North Africa; collaborated with the Maquis in France and helped liberate Belsen with its horrific secret behind the wire.

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